When Networking Gets Real

When Networking Gets Real

When times are good, networking is useful. When times are hard, networking is crucial.

If people are feeling the pinch with money then ask friends and family for recommendations so that they get good value.

For this reason, building your reputation and your word of mouth network is essential.

Networking is like driving a steam train. You have to prime the fire, get up a head of steam and be constantly adjusting your actions, fuelling the fire, adjusting the pressure, so you can run at optimum effectiveness.

This means you need to build up the momentum of your recons or dances, you need to adjust your weekly presentations to help people better explain what you can do should the need arise.

You should never stop reviewing your efforts, actively networking and building your word of mouth reputation.

Once you have people referring you, the best way to fuel the fire is to do what you say you are going to do and this will inspire others to refer you to their contacts.

Networking isn’t rocket science, it is doing business personally.