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One user asked me why I don't charge for the information on this website.

My answer was simple,I write about grassroots business networking in a very practical way. I am not a professional writer, I just do it.

Often in the quest for free information, you spend a lot of time looking, and the material you find may be of suspect quality. I have tested and refined the information so it will give you the skills you need to find more referrals for others and make yourself more referable.

Additionally, I run Refur, which is a software to help people run their networking group. This software is a paid service. If you would like to know more about that, go to

Refine your skills.

You can access the material at any time during the course and ongoing into the future. Like an electronic book, you can revisit ideas and refine your skills.

With regards to the education provided within your networking group, it is often good, but sometimes this it can be lost in the flow of the meeting. Often great messages and ideas are lost because you are too busy trying to work out what you are going to talk about in your one minute presentation.

My material supplements and adds to these ideas in a structured manner to ensure you get the skills you need to be a more effective networker.

As you can see on this page, and the others on this website, I have not tried to fill them with slick marketing techniques or scarcity calls to action to try and get you to sign up just so I can get your money. I truly believe in the material I have produced, so much so I have put my name to it.

If you would like to be a more effective networker, I know my material will help you.