Three Laws Of Networking

Three Laws Of Networking

In this lesson, I am going to talk about rocket science. Oops, no I am not, I am going to talk about referrals and networking. However, there are three fundamental laws of motion that govern rocket science and the same goes for networking and referrals.

Law 1:

A networker will remain in a state of ignorance unless acted on by an internal force.
In other words, if you don’t actively look for referrals you will not find referrals and, if you are in an active state of mind and look for referrals, you will find them. The limiting factor on this law is friction. If you don’t get any referrals, you think why I should find them; this is when the second law kicks in.

Law 2:

When a referral acts on a networker, it creates a reaction that is disproportional to that referral.
Which means if you receive a referral you start to feel better about finding referrals for others. The better you feel about finding referrals, the more referrals you will find. As a result, you focus not on your needs, but the needs of others. Which then leads to the third and most important law of networking.

Law 3:

For every referral, there is an equal and opposite referral
Also expressed as, ‘If you find me business, I will want to find your business’. Though partly right this interpretation of the law ignores the effects of this thing that we networkers call ‘Life’.

The ‘Life' effect means that if you are given a great referral, you will find it easy to find a great referral for someone else (this is Laws 1 and 2 in action), but it is not likely to be back to the person who gave you the great referral. ‘Life’ never plays by the rules, but don’t panic. When you pass on that great referral you have found, the third law kicks in again and the person you just gave a referral to finds an equally great referral for someone else, and so on.

Once this chain reaction starts, with all members of your group becoming motivated and inspired by the three laws, your membership as a whole will start to move forward, and just think, once the group starts to move who knows how high you can go!

Referrals and networking are not rocket science; they are the result of the application of your desire to help others, multiplied by the time you spend actively fulfilling your desires.