The Networking Game

The Networking Game

Life’s just a game, so too can Business Networking. This game has a few rules, but they are not complex.

Rule One – Each time you interact with a member record the activity on their line.

Rule Two – You should aim to have an entry in each column, against every member, in the next 12 months

Rule Three – There is no rule three

Rule Four – Allow a minimum of two hours per week outside of your weekly meeting to play the Networking Game. This might be conducting a Recon Meeting or just sitting reading your fellow members websites to learn more about them.

Rule Five – There is no set order in which you must add people to the list, it is up to you, and however you must record networking activity of some sort on the game board.

Rule Six - There are no scores for the different activities you can list, just the reward of being a more active networker.

Rule Seven – There is no column on the game board where you can enter excuses.
This sheet is a snapshot of your networking activity, it is far from a game. Its purpose is to keep you focused on your weekly networking activity and to act as a visual stimulant to spur you on.

I would suggest that you put this sheet in the very front of your networking folder so it is the first thing you see when you open your folder each day.

Module Actions
Download the game board
Print it out and start playing today

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