Selfie Recons

Selfie Recons

Too often I have had Recon Meetings with people who are probably not even listing to themselves, so how should they expect me too?

It is important to remember to prepare for Recons. I find it useful to have my own Recon sheet about me and my company with me when I am being asked questions. This is because sometimes Recons can go off on tangents and important information can be missed when time runs out and the meeting must end. By having the points in front of you it will be easy to ensure the person you are dancing with gets the information they need to be able to find you referrals.

To have this information you need to do what I call a Selfie Recon every few months. There are two stages to this process, firstly answering the questions and secondly refining the answers to become an effective educational message that your fellow members can take away and use to find you referrals.

Self Answering
Take a Recon sheet and sit down on your own (initially). Under each of the areas on the sheet write down what your response will be when you are asked in a real recon. By doing this you will help yourself to structure your information in to an interesting flow and be sure you don’t miss out crucial information.

Once you have done this, put it to one side for a day or two and then come back and reread your answers. This will generally allow you to refine things and add things you had forgotten.

The next part is to keep this sheet with you when you are hosting a recon. By referring to it when asked the question by your fellow member, you can keep things on track and deliver your message.

You need to be careful that you don’t simply read from this sheet verbatim, otherwise you may as well just photocopy it and send it to the other person, eliminating the need to meet. Recons are about more than just the dissemination of information about your business, it is about developing a deeper relationship with your fellow members.

The power of listening to you
One of the unforeseen and often missed benefits of Recons is that you spend 45 minutes talking about your business explaining how people can help you by finding you referrals, it is the boiled down the essence of where you are going as a business and you should really listen to what you are saying.

By listening to yourself as you host a recon it gives you a chance to reflect on what you do and where you are going. In the back of your mind also you will be able to hear if there is a discrepancy between what you are saying you want your company to do, and what you are actually doing. By hearing your own plans and ambitions once or even twice a week it will help you to focus on making these happen and not just being stock answers.

Like practicing your 1 minute presentations, being prepared to answer the questions in a Recon Meeting in an effective way makes total sense. The other member is there to be educated and you need to do this effectively in the 45 minutes available, don't leave it to chance.

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