Recon Meeting Pack

Recon Meeting Pack

The main reason you conduct Recon Meetings with people is so you can learn about them. As the same is true for them, they come to see you to learn more about you.

That being the case you need to give your fellow members help with their ability to refer you, which is why you should develop a Recon Pack.

Recon Packs were inspired by the Exhibition Packs I prepare with clients for them to give away when they exhibit at trade shows. A Recon Pack is a set of marketing material that you give to people who come for a Recon Meeting with you so they take away material to help them when they refer you.

My Recon Pack contains the following

Five off Business Cards
Five off 1/3 A4 Leaflets we had printed for general marketing
Five off A3 Leaflet we had printed marketing
Three off Promotional Pens with our company details on them
Five off Vouchers for a free one-hour consultation to discuss the needs of the person or company they are referring. We give everyone the free meeting, but these vouchers help to emphasise the point of the free meeting to encourage people to call me.
Five off ‘W3 On One Page’ which is a self-produced leaflet about our company. It is a fast facts sheet of quotable details about our company that people can use when speaking about us
One copy of my Referral Goals Sheet – which describes our Bread and Butter, Dream and Cream referrals and describes our typical target market.
A discount voucher for the courses on this website for their use
A discount voucher for “Our Food Never Mooed’ that they can share with their friend.

I have uploaded all these materials as PDF files for you to view.

These are all contained in a bright green folder so that the member can take it away and have a handy pack of marketing material to use.

As the Recon Meeting draws to a close, when we are discussing the ‘Next’ aspect of my life and business, I give the member the pack, explain its contents and ask them to take it with them.

The other thing I do is track those who have had the packs and check with them every couple of months to make sure they have all the relevant supplies in them. The last thing I want them to do is run out of material to promote me. I tend to keep a Recon Pack in my meeting bag so I can give it to people who need supplies. The ‘bag Stock’ is only in an envelope, but they can add this to their folder when they get back to their workplace.

It only takes a few minutes to assemble the packs, and I always ensure I have five ready to use.

As an aid to your networking effort Recon Packs are easy to create, easy to assemble and add a focus to you in the mind of your fellow members.

Module Actions
Create your Recon Packs
Prepare five to give to your next Recon Meeting visitors