Learn From Others

Learn From Others

Someone once gave me some great advice. If you want to be rich, just look at someone else who has become rich and follow their lead. It is the same with becoming a great networker. If you want to become a great networker, find someone whom you consider to be good at it and ask them how they do it. Great networkers share their skills willingly and freely, that is why they are great networkers.

The beauty of a skill like networking is that it doesn’t take years to learn, it takes seconds. The trick with networking is once you have learned the skills you must apply them in a constant way.

Take for example this book. In it, there is enough knowledge for you to become the best networker, the most effective networking group member, the greatest referral finder in the world. But, unless you apply this knowledge in a sustained and practical way, you will have wasted your time reading it.

By the way, there is nothing wrong in asking for help and being coached. Even the best sports people in the world work with coaches. In most cases, the coach can only dream of being as good as the person they are helping. However, the person being coached understands they are good, but also that they cannot do it alone.

So, if you have someone in your group who is a great networker, don’t be afraid to ask for some help and advice. Remember, they once stood in your shoes; they once had no knowledge, no skills or experience in networking. If that person is truly the great networker, you believe them to be; they will be only too willing to help you and share their knowledge. After all, by helping you to become a better referral finder, they stand the chance that you will find more referrals for them.

When I first joined my a networking group, I was a fresh-faced very innocent (youngish) man, out in the big harsh world on my own, with the problem of starting my new website business. I had been made redundant and had stumbled both into business and into business networking, but I think I got so lucky with the people in the group I joined. They were all so much more experienced in every aspect of business, and they were all so generous with their advice, time, and assistance. I learned so much from the membership in those early days in that group in Shrewsbury, England. Without it, I would not have had the almost 20 years of fun and excitement that being my boss and running my companies has given me.

If you are finding it hard to invite visitors or to find referrals, then have a look at who in your group is successful and arrange a recon with them. Within the recon, tell them how you see that they are a success and ask them how they do it. You may be surprised by their answer. Often these networks do not see themselves as special, they do not consider themselves naturally gifted, nor that they are lucky, but that they are constantly mindful of the opportunities that present themselves and are not afraid to speak and act. Remember, networking is a participation sport, hard work and conscious effort will turn you into a successful networker and one whom others ask for advice.

Module Actions

Identify two members of your networking group who you consider to be good networkers and conduct a Recon with them.