I Wish? Or I Will!

I Wish? Or I Will!

Many people wish they could be better networkers, that they could find more referrals, that they could find more visitors for their group.

But wishes don’t come true, if they did, we would all have sports cars, no beer gut and a full head of hair.

Do you think that Tiger Woods made a wish one night and woke up the next day with the ability to move a little ball from one end of a field to another in fewer hits than everyone else as if by magic?

Did Bill Gates throw a coin in a fountain and the next day wake up as one of the world's richest men?

Did Eric Clapton rub some brass pot, pick up a guitar and instantly write Layla?

Err, no.

They did something that we all can do, but most of us won't, they did hard work.
It is the same with networking and business success. You don’t have it bestowed upon you by magic just because you join a networking group, it takes time and hard work to become an effective networker.

It takes practice and hard work to get better at finding referrals, at inviting visitors, at being supportive to other members.

But there is a three part magic formula for people who do want to be better networkers, and that is as follows

You need to make an effort, you need to observe, you need to be inspired, but above all, you must try.

No one in this room was born an instant networker. Those that each of us sees as being good at it, have worked hard, made mistakes but have ‘tried’.

If you see someone in the group that you believe to have some divine talent, for example for bringing referrals, then ask them how they do it. The chances are they won’t have a magic system for getting referrals, they probably just listen actively and can connect the dots between a person’s needs and a contact they have that can fulfill them.

When you speak to them, don’t be surprised to find out they don’t just find referrals for people in the group. Effective networkers do not have many boundaries and cannot stop themselves from helping people by connecting them with solution providers.

Don’t just sit and wait, make it happen.

Do Recons with people, learn more about their businesses, gain the knowledge you need to be able to refer them more effectively.

Ask everyone you know to come to the group. 99.999% will turn you down. A bit like when you were asking for a date when you were 15, but eventually people will say yes, and you will learn the right way to invite people. Again, there is no ‘one way’ to invite someone to a networking group. Everyone has a different script, hook line and call to action.

Remember when you are inviting someone to a networking group they first need to trust you, so they respect your advice, and then they will value and act on the invitation.

The Trust, Respect and Value formula is also the way you will be able to find referrals. If people trust and respect you as a person, they will value and act on your recommendations, not only on what you suggest for helping their business, but also for referrals you give as they know that you don’t waste people’s time with bad recommendations.

So now you know that with the effort you can play the guitar like Eric Clapton, play golf like Tiger Woods or be as successful as Bill Gates, why don’t you try to be a better networker, who knows, you might just succeed, but unless you try you will never know.

Module Actions
Stop wishing - start doing
Set your goals and plan the pathway
Do something everyday to move forward