How Much Do You Make

How Much Do You Make

I often get asked by potential visitors about how much do I make as a result of my membership of networking groups and my answer surprises them. I don’t keep score.

Ask a woman about her children and they can tell you the day, the date, the time, the weight at birth, the name of the midwife and a thousand other facts, ask a man and he will be aware of small humans living in his house.

This doesn’t mean the man is a lesser parent, it means that he is driven by different motivations, the same is true of my networking.

I have moved my focus away from getting toward giving.

I am happy to give my time to help with the organisation of this group and provide a website and management system.

I am happy to give my time to write these education slots, which I hope will stimulate you to think and work out your own philosophy of networking

I am happy to come for a recon meeting to learn about your business so I can refer you more easily.

I am happy to give people guidance about websites and marketing if it helps them avoid costly mistakes, even if you don’t use me for these services.

But getting back to the original questions about what I get from networking, I get access to a great group of people who all want to help each other grow their businesses in a mutually beneficial way.

I get a sense of community within a business context that shows me I am not alone when dealing with the tax man, staff, customers and the world.

I get a sense that we are all small businesses who are rowing together to get to calmer waters.

I get satisfaction from being part of something good in a world that seems to be getting more selfish.

What I get from my networking activity has changed over my years of being involved. Yes, when people first join a group like this they want referrals, instant results, instant payback.

And if someone joins and bases their success strictly in dollars into dollars out ratio, they will not be here for very long.

Networking is about farming not hunting.

So, if someone asks what you make from your networking, what are you going to tell them?

Photo by Mathieu Turle on Unsplash