Be Someone Else

Be Someone Else

One of the steps in gaining attention is to break peoples current thought patterns. If when you are doing your one minute presentation and you manage to do this you stand a chance of your message being remembered.

One interesting method is to arrange to do the presentation of another member. Each of you either writes or suggests the subject to be covered and you then take on the role of the other. This is done often as a meeting stimulant, where everyone in the Chapter swaps for a day. However, it can have a greater effect when you do it without the other members of your Chapter knowing in advance.

Another permutation of this is doing a combined presentation with another member. For example, a real estate agent and a lawyer do combined presentations to show how their companies can work side by side, to enhance the services offered to potential customers. You might decide to team up with three or four members in a joint presentation. If you are planning to do this, it is also a good idea to tell the person timing the presentations that you are going to do it on mass. I saw one group presentation where the members passed a rugby ball to each other as they spoke to indicate the teamwork they offered.

Other aspects of being complementary to each other, could be expressed as describing your location in relation to another member’s location. For example ‘Hi, I am Alan from E4 Electrical, based just around the corner from Craig Howser Panel Beating in Euclid Ave’.

Walking in the shoes of another and understanding enough to do an effective presentation is quite hard. Remember, you only get 50 or so one minute presentations each year so you need to make sure that the presentation you do for someone else is effective for them, and not just treated like a gimmick.

Module Actions
Work with another member of your group to do a swapped presentation