COVID Fatigue

COVID Fatigue

As lockdowns all over the world start easing does this mean business as usual?

To a certain extent?

But there is still a lot of confusion and unfounded fear out there.

One phrase I heard this week was COVID Fatigue where people are sick of the fear of being sick but sicker of the restriction in running their business and living their lives.

This means that our jobs as business owners are going to be that much harder.

Not only do we need to do good work, but we need to convince people they do not need to be afraid to spend their money.

How do you do that?

Hard work!

You need to raise your game on customer service, you need to ensure your products or services offer real value to the customer. That doesn’t mean you turn into a bargain basement trader, it means that you offer true value, perceivable value for the customer how is trading with you.

This is when word of mouth marketing by your satisfied customers will start to pay off. By making one customer happy they will refer their friends to you.

So now it is time to Eat Your Own Dogfood and examine what you do and why and then work out what needs to be done to take bold steps beyond Lockdown and the new economy that is going to appear from the fog of the COVID emergency.

Image by Steve DiMatteo from Pixabay