Website Reboot

Marketing Tool?

Your website should be one of the cornerstones of your company's marketing activity. It should be up to date with regards to the products and services you offer; it should feature the latest customer testimonials and be an asset to your business.

The trouble is that sometimes business gets hectic and you don’t have the time to make changes to the website when they are needed. You mean to make changes, but never get around to it. It is a downward spiral toward the ‘Too Hard Basket’ so you end up, with the best will in the world, with content you want to change, but never get round to doing.

So your site is out of date, you are feeling guilty about this, what do you do?

STOP – No more excuses – its time to Reboot your Site!

It is time to regain control and take a few simple actions every week/month to ensure your site is up to date. That is what this free course will help you to do.

This course has been prepared for use by customers of W3 Design, in Hamilton, New Zealand, but if you wish to sign up and it helps you to keep your website relevant for your clients, you are welcome.

Click here to go to our online teaching area and sign up for the Website Reboot Course