Frequently Asked Questions


How many referrals does it take for you to make $97 profit? This would be to cover the cost of the 'All In One' course on this site. Assuming you are making a 17% profit margin, which means $97 is the profit on just over $545 of turnover.

  • If you make an average of $60 turnover over on a referral, it will take just 10 referrals to recoup your money.
  • If you make $400 turnover from a referral, it will take 2 extra referrals a year to get your money back.
  • If you make $1000 from an average referral , it would take just 1 referral to recoup the investment of $97

By applying the skills and techniques of our courses, you will increase the likelihood of receiving more referrals by increasing the effectiveness of the time you are already spending on your networking activity and becoming a conscious networker.

  • How is the course delivered?

    All my courses are delivered to you in a staged and structured way. Initially, you will have access to 3 modules, then each week you will gain access to a new module that will allow you to grow and develop your skills.

  • Can’t I just have all the modules at once?

    Think about how many times have you bought a business ’Self-Help’ books and read them. Armed with lots of new knowledge you have been inspired to do better, but then failed to implement the potential they offered because of information overload. I have found over the years that if you get one subject to focus on each week, you will be able to implement it easily into your networking activity.

  • When will my course start and finish?

    The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

  • Will I get More Referrals by taking the course?

    The number one question I am asked! The answer is, I don't know, however, everyone (who has contacted me on the subject) who has taken a course or read my original book has told me it made their networking better. They find more referrals and get more referrals by making themselves referable.


One thing is almost guaranteed, if you do implement the ideas in our courses you will find and give more referrals to your networking group members and to your wider contact sphere in business.

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