Why should we refer you?

Why should we refer you?

The opportunity arises for a member of your group to give you a referral to solve an issue for one of their contacts.....So Why should they refer you?

Just being a member of the same group is not a reason.

Giving a referral to someone about someone is a risky business. It risks the relationship you have with your contact and the relationship you have with the person you are referring

You need to show the group that they can put their trust in you and recommend you to their contacts.

Most of us like to be trusted to give good advice. Most of us like to be able to refer people we can trust to the people who trust our recommendations.

So why should they refer you?

How do you build trust with the other members of the group?

Any answers?

Getting to know people at the meeting, and if the opportunity arises by using the services of our fellow members are two ways, but in a nutshell, the most effective way to increase your chances of being referred is to do more Recon Meetings.

So if you want them to help you get more business, you have to help us by making an effort and helping to build implicit trust.

So you need to make it easy for the group to refer you! Do Recons!!!!!